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0,00 € Raised is a free. Using our service you can create a temporary mail with infinite time. The service will expire only when the page in question is closed.Thank you for your support!
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Atlas is a map addon for World of Warcraft, a Blizzard game. Developing is taking lots of time especially when a new expansion is coming.If you like Atlas, we appreciate if you can consider to donate some money even it's a very small money. Visit our w...
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                     SAPCThe documentary value of archival photographs is irrefutable. Vast collections of analogue aerial photographs are often the only source of information about a state of an object in the past. These datasets are used more and mor...
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I've been maintaining and improving protobuf-net (, for many years. A huge amount of effort and love has gone-and continues to go-into trying to make it as great as po...
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Lib.AspNetCore.* is a set of libraries which provide functionalities extending ASP.NET Core ecosystem. The Lib.AspNetCore.* currently includes: * Lib.AspNetCore.Mvc.JqGrid-a set of libraries which provide support for Gurrido jqGrid and free jqGrid usag...
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FiveM RP addon/framework.The project aim to create a generic and simple RP framework to prevent everyone from reinventing the wheel.The project:
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I am one of the developers of the Emby for Kodi add-on. Currently, I am working on the Emby with Alexa project by myself. You can support my hard work coding, troubleshooting and helping push these awesome projects further every day by buying me body f...
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wufuc disables the "Unsupported Hardware" message in Windows Update, and allows you to continue installing updates on Windows 7 and 8.1 systems with Intel Kaby Lake, AMD Ryzen, or other unsupported processors.Thanks for showing an interest in donating ...
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Support my Stylish styles!
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DSP Lab is a digital signal processing library and simulation application fully written in C# created to simulate and visualize process of sampling and filtering analog signal using DSP system. This application is created to provide as a tool for edu...
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Kingfisher is a lightweight, pure-Swift library for downloading and caching images from the web. This project is hosted on GitHub under MIT license. Thanks for considering of donating to Kingfisher. With your help, we could continue in our work and the...
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Automatic in-game Universal Deck Tracker for collectible card games such as The Elder Scrolls: Legends and Eternal. Features: Detects all your decks, no manual entry required. Automatic in-game tracking of the remaining cards and the opponent's played ...
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