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Optimus is an open source headless web browser fully implemented on .NET.
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PoC currently in progress : GithubMyy Graphical Assembler I'll like to call it a "Visual" assembler, but that would generate confusion. Main goals My main purpose when building this Graphical Assembler is to be able to use it to build other programs ...
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Bello 6 is a GUI for Kodi Media Center. More info can be found on Kodi skins forum.
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Help me out, to spend more time for development of OpenSource-Based projects.My fulltime job as Picker (Logistic) is exhausting and time intensive. I can't spend enought time for real determination: The programming.Before i was a Picker, seven years i ...
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Solarmovie(z) Dark is a CSS theme for Stylish and Stylus(1) that I have published on Initial Release applies the following changes on Solarmovie(z).to website:- Shifting aesthetics up to a more pleasing, non-eye-burning dark theme....
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Hi there, Thanks for considering to make a donation to support my work and fund me to be able to purchase better hardware for development. The reasons: In case you didn't know, my name is Jahir Fiquitiva, and I'm a 20 years old Colombian Graphi...
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Hello, My name is Nash and I coordinate the NASH OPERATING SYSTEM project. What we've achieved so far NASH OS is stable and reliable, we have unit tests, demo sites, continuous speed optimizations, daily and weekly updates. Who do we target...
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0,00 € Raised is a free. Using our service you can create a temporary mail with infinite time. The service will expire only when the page in question is closed.Thank you for your support!
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Atlas is a map addon for World of Warcraft, a Blizzard game. Developing is taking lots of time especially when a new expansion is coming.If you like Atlas, we appreciate if you can consider to donate some money even it's a very small money. Visit our w...
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                     SAPCThe documentary value of archival photographs is irrefutable. Vast collections of analogue aerial photographs are often the only source of information about a state of an object in the past. These datasets are used more and mor...
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