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The Electronic Frontier Foundation is one of the most worthy causes going today. They are often the cannery in the mine, which are the first to notice threats to our freedoms in the digital domain. I am setting up this campaign so that they can conti...
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By technoweenie ( 92 Medal_silver_2 )
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Mephisto as you is one of the best (if not the best) blogging system for ruby on rails (and possibly the world). Even though Mephisto is used literally by hundreds nay thousands of blogs and custom websites on the internet very few people feel the n...
By garry ( 76 Medal_silver_2Star )
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Why should I donate? As a volunteer-based organization, the Apache Software Foundation stands most in need of dedicated volunteers who can work on software, documentation, or administrative issues within each of the ASF projects. The ASF provides ...
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By court3nay ( 172 Medal_gold_2 )
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It seems like all the good writers are off writing Rails books. Unfortunately, the promise of fame and fortune has sucked the talent from the documentation pool, and the ruby on rails docs have fallen by the wayside. The standard response from most co...
By tjackiw ( 1 )
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Are you using Sitealizer and think this project is useful? Then help with the development by donating to it. Your support will help me add new features and ways to view your website usage.
By stakadush ( 5 )
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Raise money to help the developer of Max ( to purchase the Red Book (IEC 60908 Ed. 2.0 b:1999) from Thanks! :) P.S. Just to make things clear-the mone...
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By sandal ( 190 Medal_gold_1 )
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Donate to this to help offset the costs of the volunteer effort to improve the documentation for the Ruby Reports project, which includes ruport, ruport-util, and acts_as_reportable. The ultimate goal of this project is to release a book on Ruport, sel...
By djriel ( 0 )
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XLsuite is a ruby on rails based CRM / CMS / GROUP WARE project that aims to give website owners all the tools they need to run their business from one place. No more middle wear, migrating data or duplicate entry. All you business information is in o...
By mamcx ( 0 )
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I'm a solo developer starting my own company. I wish to build a tool for search, collect and organize the data inside personal PC's and local networks as fast how is in the web with popular search engines as google, mixed with social networking and oth...
By alexg ( 35 Medal_bronze_1 )
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Noobkit is a labor of love, and as such it always needs some from you or it will wither and die. A cup of coffee or a beer's worth a month will keep us going and developing more cool features for you! It costs me $79/m for shared VPS hosting. This is t...
By DEfusion ( 28 Medal_bronze_1 )
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I have lots of changes and improvements I wish to make to my popular open source JavaScript image cropper ( but currently other projects are taking priority. Mo...
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***NOTE: PayPal fiasco over, thanks to Garry from Pledgie. You can now resume donations here, sorry for the delay. I am trying to raise enough money to put my commercial and personal projects on the back burner for several weeks / months, so that ...