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This will probaly never happpen but it is wirth a try. A Koenigsegg is very expensive car and in order to buy one you need minu alot of it. Koenigsegg Automotive AB. The Koenigsegg CCXR holds the power-to-weight ratio record for production cars, with ...
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Hello! My Name is Jenny, I live in Canada and I am 22 years old. I am currently a adult webcam girl and need help raising money to get new bouncy boobs ;) I am currently a "B" cup but would like to be a "D" cup. I have spoken to my doctor who said that...
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Hi! My name is Rafael. I'm a brazilian guy... Here in Brazil, that console is so very expensive. Someone can help me to buy that, please? Since now, thanks. ;)
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Donaciones para mi web, "quiero tener un hijo" es una guía de contactos entre personas que quieren ser madres o padres y donantes.
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Please make a donation for the development of our site. Will collect donations and are planning to serve you better.
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My wife just told me 2 weeks ago that she wants a divorce and wants me to move out ASAP. I have found a place to live but don't have any furniture. I am looking to get a bed for now, I've tried to find one used but they are all in filthy conditions. ...
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For the past 4 years I've been supporting my husband and myself on one income. My husband has been living with me in Canada and unable to work as a result due to pending immigration papers. He's just got his permanent residency!! Hoorray!! The only pro...
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Dear readers, My name is Josh I am 22 years old and I am currently without a job. I have applied everywhere in my hometown but have had no results. I feel like I am trapped in a nightmare with no hope. I would have never in a millions years thought of ...
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Thank you all very much for the support for Pete. I'm going to get it off to him as I believe he is set to fly pretty soon. If you're still interested in giving to Pete to help cover his transport costs, please contact me. Thanks again, I know Pete wil...
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Ike was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma of the lung on Jan 10th 2010. He has been trying all natural treatment which is all out of pocket expenses he would like to go to the natural centers for treatment but it requiers cash as they do not accept medicai...
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Donate to make the April 15th party awesome!
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The humping pact is the suspended act of love towards the environment. We need your support to continue. More on