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2.50% Funded provides an IM service based on XMPP and is one of the nodes on the XMPP network.
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Why is it good? exists to resolve IPs to country codes/names.+ fast and simple URL API+ updated daily+ has information on over 4,245,332,088 IPv4s» please read Inputs and Outputs pages for instructionsThis service is FREE for ALL (LGPL) becaus...
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UserFrosting 4 is here.After 6 months of grueling labor, UserFrosting 4 has finally been released into the wild.  It’s come into its own as a modern web development framework, and we’ve doubled down on our commitment to helping developers become pros. ...
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Friendica @ de ist ein Friendica Server in Düsseldorf. Das Erstellen eines Kontos auf ist kostenlos und bleibt für immer kostenlos. Da jedoch Serverkosten monatlich anfallen, benötigen wir Spenden, um das System online zu halten.