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We are hard-working volunteers who fight for the rights of mothers and parents to get accurate information when it comes to psychiatric drugs during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The right to informed consent is a basic human right that all should enjoy...
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Initial fund for web site maintenance and related costs.
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IN SUPPORTING TAKRIZ I HEREBY CERTIFY ON MY HONOR THAT I HAVE NO INTENTION TO: - INFLUENCE TAKRIZ - DISRUPT TAKRIZ - CONTROL TAKRIZ TAKRIZ is the first tunisian online think tank. The movement was founded in 1998 and is considered a pioneer in cybe...
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EN SUPPORTANT TAKRIZ AVEC CE DON JE CERTIFIE SUR MON HONNEUR N'AVOIR AUCUNE INTENTION DE: - INFLUENCER TAKRIZ - DERANGER TAKRIZ - CONTROLER TAKRIZ TAKRIZ est le premier cyber groupe de réflexion Tunisien. Le mouvement fut fondé en 1998 et est consid...
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Hi! My name is Israel Buitrón. I live in Mexico, and I need funds for study a Computer Science master degree at CINVESTAV. Now I do not have goverment support! I need money to pay a rent of a very little house, eat, and my school fees etc. If you need...
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Hi My name is Josh, It is now nearly 6 months from that horrible day that changed it all...not a day goes by when I don't wish I could go back and undo what happened that day.....I upgraded my mobile phone and for some unknown reason got rid of my belo...
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Several years ago, Alexandra Svoboda was brutally attacked by the Providence Rhode Island Police Department at a peaceful Union Solidarity Rally held by the Providence IWW. In the cruelest of ironies, she was then charged with assaulting the police off...
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Hi friends: You may have heard about the recent wave of anti-Asian violence in the Bay Area. I’ve included some links below for those of you who haven’t. • On Tuesday, Tian Sheng Yu, who was attacked last week while shopping with his son in Oakl...
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Unterstützen Sie einen Freiwilligen Dienst in Israel Support a voluntary service in Israel
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It costs $300 to create a film to educate locals about the dangers of human trafficking. Help us help (Filmmakers Name) create and educate in Africa.
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Kiwanja is among the 47 percent of Tanzanian villages without access to clean water. On top of having to survive on scarce, mercury-laced water, the villagers of Kiwanja are forced to walk more than three miles to the nearest water source every day. W...
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Make an affordable donation to show your support. Your donation is needed and appreciated. We need this donation to start a campaign via web site to prove that we exist. All Macedonian people around the world help us. We have real prove about Macedonia...