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Many hours have been put into developing GrabBox. Any donation-no matter how small-helps motivate and support future effort, and gives a warm fuzzy feeling inside (both for donor and recipient)! Read more about the project at: http://grabbox.bitspatter...
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Thanks for your interest in donating to the development of my open source projects for Delphi and Lazarus. My main goal is to keep projects up to date, I'm also looking forward into creating new components/wrappers for code that was inaccessible direct...
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x-studio365 is more powerfull,lightweight and fast game develop IDE?It support Particle editing?Scene(UI) editing?Screen Adapting preview, Lua Debug & Edit & Syntax Highlighting & Outlining & Auto-completation.Download the latest versi...
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A new day, a new dawn, a website has been created to usher in each new day with a message Good morning.The website is where day times and all day classic messages are has no login page and no registration required....
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Dominion Kingdoms.Market or is a site to create and share Kingdoms for the card game Dominion with other players.
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From time to time I work on open source projects which you can find on my GitHub profile: My main goal is to improve coding skills and I think this is the best way because there is chance to receive feedback from people w...
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Yandex.Search theme making search Yandex
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Welcome, and thanks for the help of improving the project.if you like my project, please support the developing.GitHub: Unity-DataManager
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Hi my name is xeni i make free non copright music for video games youtube videos and whatever you need it but i need a bit help so i can buy some more instrumments and some programms too make better music so if you can help me it would be awsome
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Support the CloudCompare open source project! CloudCompare is an open source tool for editing and processing dense 3D point clouds (such as those acquired with laser scanners). For more information: see our homepage or even wikipedia. Formerly hosted ...
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Hides the side nav but leaves 10px showing so when you hover the sidebar slides back out so you can use. I work from a 13" chromebook so its handy
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About "TT DeepDark" "TT DeepDark" is a complete theme addon that I created to transform the look and feel of Mozilla Thunderbird*. As its very popular "sibling" theme for Firefox ("FT DeepDark"), it is part of my self-initiated project called "DeepD...
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