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All donations go to support the open source software at
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By gibson042 ( 2 )
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Richard Gibson's public domain software. • user scripts (Greasemonkey): • Firefox/Mozilla extensions: Others as I create and/or remember them...
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update_cadabra open source project
Categories Freeware and Technology
By ViViDboarder ( 30 Medal_bronze_1 )
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I'm an independent developer working on supporting several plugins for the application Lockscreen Info created by David Ashman. David is IN NO WAY double dipping. This money is to support MY development of add ons to his software. All my plugins are ...
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By Syphon Live ( 1 )
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We need to cover our server and website costs, this costs us £20 / $30 a month. If you think syphon is a good service for New Producers and Record Labels help us out…
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Please donate to J-Speechy, if you liked this Extension.
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I like to code, but have not so much time for this. Encourage me...
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By rojekti ( 5 )
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Are you a user of Clipper, the freeware clipboard manager for Android? Do you want to support its development? You've come to the right place!
Categories Electronics, Freeware and Technology
By stevelambert ( 17 Medal_bronze_2 )
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Dear Ministers, In order to print 2000 cards and expand this network we need about $325. This will help us connect to new folks doing interesting and impossible things and potentially make a lot of projects better. If we get the site working so new min...
By @YardstoGardens ( 2 )
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The purpose of Yards to Gardens is to help create gardens by connecting people who are looking for gardening space with people who have available space, and to provide a place for exchange of gardening tools and resources. By joining Yards to Gardens, ...
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This is a test, please do not donate any real money...
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