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By AndrewsMom ( 1 )
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I am a single mother of two, the eldest being 6 with autism. He was diagnosed at the age of 3 and has progressively gotten worse. Unfortunately due to his age, the only help he is able to receive through his insurance is through his school system. The ...
By untangled ( 1 )
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On 12 October 2008 our son Victor was born 12 weeks early and died the same day. 8 weeks later I was pregnant again, but when I was 22 weeks pregnant I was diagnosed with brain cancer and our 2nd son Carl had to be delivered on 15 July, 7 weeks early s...
By alexsteph05 ( 1 )
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I have been asking for any type of donation for quite some time now for my poor little dog to get the surgery that he needs. While it is no one's responsibility nor care in the world what happens to a dog that you have never seen, nor really care to, ...
By DMmommyof2 ( 1 )
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I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease called dermatomyositis. I am currently unable to work because of severe muscle pain and weakness as well as high levels of immunosuppresants. I am trying to pay for medical bills as well as continue to t...
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By tylemmons ( 5 )
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Ruby Tylenda-Emmons was born July 20th, 2009 with with a rare genetic abnormality 22q11.2 chromosome deletion (DiGeorge/VCFS) syndrome, which affects many areas of development. Her congential heart defects included Tetralogy of Fallot, Pulmonary Atre...
By kristenlavalley ( 2 )
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I am super excited to be a mere 15 days away from my 3 week trip to Calcutta, India! I've had to pool a LOT of my own resources to get my plane ticket so I'm trying to get some more help with this. As of right now, I need about $300 to carry me through...
By donationsfordaryl ( 3 )
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Please help support our campaign to help raise money to cover needed equipment and hospital costs for our friend, Daryl. Daryl has endured a long struggle with paraplegia and is confined to a wheelchair. Just recently, he was hospitalized on several o...
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By Dashelle ( 0 )
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We are asking for pledges with two purposes in mind. To buy and fit out a Volkswagen Kombi and to start a charity. Kombi Nation-if only we all could step back to the simple life. My aim is to purchase an old VW Kombi and do it up so that we can teach...
By sumsumterp ( 40 Medal_bronze_1 )
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Note: Having some issues with PayPal-some security info I can't verify until I get back to the US. They won't let me withdraw, transfer or accept any new donations until I can resolve the security issues. Don't worry, until I get home, I'm covering th...
By vincenco ( 4 )
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Help send a classroom of Preschoolers with Autism from Fall River, MA to the Capron Zoo. Last year's class had such a great time, we want to bring this year's as well. However, due to massive budget cuts, the children will not be able to go on the tr...
By msivigliano ( 0 )
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This campaign was designed to help out my mother, Lisa Einfalt, who was recently diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. This type of leukemia was discovered after a visit to the doctors office in early January. Since the diagnosis in January, she has b...
By Bouteiller ( 0 )
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Tyler is my 4 year old son, diagnosed with autism, involving extream hyper activity, intesity, behavior and sensory integration dissorder. He has been approved for a service dog through the ECAD foundation (east coast assistance dogs) and we need to ra...