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Vision Statement Technologies for accelerating well-being Consciously creating Communities of Light Integrating societal structure of peace on behalf of 72 Avatars Re-birthing Divine Humans Creating Links with the like-minded: conscious inventors...
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What: A fundraiser to pay tuition and living expenses in Italy for one year while attending the University of Gastronomic Sciences Goal: $40,000 When: by February 21st, 2010 for March start My story: I entered culinary school not really knowing what Go...
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Gayri Muntazam İnternet Kitaplığı
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I have a dream of creating a brand thats universal across the world. I have thought of the logo and name and I have a business plan. Although I need pledges 2 help me copyright this big idea. I want it done properly. My designs are based on english cul...
By HelpMeBuildMyHouse ( 4 )
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We would like to build our house and fill it with right things: love, good energy, wellness, joy... but we simply lack the wisdom. Share Your Wisdom With Us! You are unique and exceptional and we are sure that you have many valuable thoughts to share....
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Help keep Scenography-The Theatre Design Website running. It's our aim to re-open our portfolios and secure the future of the site. Give what you can to keep this free to use resource open. Scenography-The Theatre Design Website offers a news and edito...
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La finalitat d'aquesta campanya és poder treure els suficients diners per mantenir fins l'abril del 2011. Actualment les despeses d'allotjament sumen un total de 92,34€ i el domini .cat 40€ que fan un total de 132,34€ anuals. Si creu...
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Dear Ministers, In order to print 2000 cards and expand this network we need about $325. This will help us connect to new folks doing interesting and impossible things and potentially make a lot of projects better. If we get the site working so new min...
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Hello Members of Cult (ure) Vault~ I received notification today that Ning will be phasing out its free service. This means that Cult(ure) Vault Members need to raise some funds if we wish to continue our cultural network at Cult(ure) Vault, the place ...
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Text om testkampanjen
By @elizagregory ( 2 )
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Dialogues on Country (DOC) program Engineers Without Borders, Australia EWB works with Indigenous Australians on education and sustainable engineering projects. Our work is based on a two-way sharing of knowledge and cultures to further our ultimate go...
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The first goal is to raise the money to incorporate as a non-profit. The paperwork for filing for 501c3 or 501c4 status will cost approximately $600. Once we have the paperwork in order then we'll be able to collect donations online far more easier whi...