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Gayri Muntazam İnternet Kitaplığı
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My computer blew up, please help me to fix it by making a donation. thank you for your support! If you really like my sound and think I should be paid for it, you can drop a few pennies in my hat. website: Free music...
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Donate $1 or more through the donation-button creating lasting change for Children in Need in Greenland.
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Help me keep up with server costs. Or buy me some coffee so I can keep awake and run the site manually in case everything goes haywire :)
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I have a dream of creating a brand thats universal across the world. I have thought of the logo and name and I have a business plan. Although I need pledges 2 help me copyright this big idea. I want it done properly. My designs are based on english cul...
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Support one of the oldest American musical art forms "Barbershop Music". The Fort Lauderdale Sunshine Chordsmen are one of the fastest growing musical organizations in all of Florida, with huge aspirations and tremendous potential. Like all organizatio...
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Daoist Immortality THE ART OF TAOIST SELF REJUVANATION WEEKEND RETREAT Master Sung Baek will conduct a weekend seminar, teaching the ancient Taoist Immortal ways of self rejuvenation and longevity. This retreat is intended for medical practioners as we...
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Um die Qualität der Bilder im Würzblog zu steigern muss eine neue Kamera her. Die alte Kamera hat in einer bitterkalten Nacht beim Hafensommer 2008 ihr digitales Leben ausgehaucht-in treuer Pflichterfüllung. Zeit für eine neue Digitalkamera-mit eur...
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Thank you to everyone who brought us through Phase 1 and going strong into Phase 2!!! Stimulate Dance, a vibrant dance theater company, is founded on two principles: 1) Accessible Art: Produce audience-friendly performance for a wide range of people....
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Het geld gaat natuurlijk naar een nieuwe mixer die de vinger echt nodig zal hebben om te overleven als cafe en top locatie voor de mindfuckmondays iedere maandag.. Steun ze want zonder mixer geen geluid in de vinger!
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Hello Members of Cult (ure) Vault~ I received notification today that Ning will be phasing out its free service. This means that Cult(ure) Vault Members need to raise some funds if we wish to continue our cultural network at Cult(ure) Vault, the place ...
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The Mekong ICT Camp is an annual event held in the Mekong region to workshop Information & Communications Technology for community development and activism. The camp attracts participants from Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam who spend...