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No scam, no sob story. Maybe I have no right to ask, but I really need a second chance to right my financial life. I'm just your average, over-educated, underemployed, single mom, scout leader, struggling with student loans, car payment, rent, daycar...
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I recently realized a long-standing dream of opening my own fashion boutique this past June. Located in a tourist town north of Boston, my first four months of operation were promising and the store received rave reviews from all of my customers, the ...
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If you have been directed to this page/cause then it is probably because you or someone you know loves Caroline Martin (posalootly to her Vimeo friends) and the movies she has made. The Goal: Enough for a new HD camera by the New Year! If you need ...
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At the end of January 2008 I will be leaving for West Africa to participate in a four month internship with OXFAM Quebec and NetCorps. I will work with colleagues in the Yam Pukri School of new technology. I will also be visiting a film school in Ouag...
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Hi Folks, My wife and I live in Buffalo, NY. She has a Masters Degree in Art History, which pretty much means she will be stuck working at the bakery she currently works at. She is quite miserable, and therefore so am I, so we have created this campaig...
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Raising critical funds to stay business so that we can implement Urban Music Foundation. Urban Music foundation's theme is "The Cross road of Art Culture and Community" Urban Music's charter it is to bring music (instruments and lessons) to those who c...
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Since we won't be able to take any gifts with us to Switzerland, we decided to give this option to those of our guests who wish to help us go somewhere exciting for our honeymoon. Of course, the real gift is to have you all with us at our wedding, and ...
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Poor Webmaster needs starter money for Domain name to create tutorial website with entertaining games. Have tried thousands and thousands of free web hosts. all with their own serious and unworkable flaw.
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Victa has recently graduated from Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Fl with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture, minor in Italian Studies. She has recently been accepted into one of the best the Graduate Programs in the country at the Rhode Isl...
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If you loved the banner from April 12th then send a few £'s this way for a second outing on May 10th. Remember to tick the 'Do not show my name on the donor's list.' to donate Anonymously
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We are researching different methods of online fundraising and giving in an effort to assist artists in finding internet patrons.
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Welcome to Tonight Events support campaign. I'm proud to announce this new kind of social network. With Tonight Events you can subscribe your artist or locate your live club using Google maps. Using the simple search form, you will be able to find all...