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$20.00 Raised and about 2 years left is a new online radio station created to help bring focus back to the music scene in Monterey County. We feature all types of music, from rock, to rap, to mariachi bands, to a capella! We want to show people how diverse Salinas and Mon...
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Donate money...
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A grand idea is a competition aimed at creating design solutions for problems plaguing the developing world with a focus on India. The design solutions created should cost upto a thousand dollars and should fall under the following categories 1. Educat...
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Freezing Moon is a small foundation developing free open source cross platform games with the help of contributors all around the world, by using free open source software and free services as much as possible. The game development industry is making ...
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Hello, we're Bishop and Douch. We're a British comedy duo who like to make silly videos for you and all your friends. Problem is, we need a new camera. We also need money for stupid stuff like props, travel and KFC. If you like what we do (or enjoy see...
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Donate: Give free art education to every child in Denver. We can save our education from budget cuts with your help. Show your support with a financial donation. 100% of your gift goes directly to building art schools. Join us in the fight to end artle...
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Ciao Amici e Fans, il nostro camper è stato rubato prima della festa a Roma il 22.01.2010 con dentro dischi e vestiti dello shop. L'ammonto del danno è più di 5000€ : 200 dischi (ATM-Daimon-Trinacria-Dramfank) per distribuzione, e scatole piene di...
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My computer blew up, please help me to fix it by making a donation. thank you for your support! If you really like my sound and think I should be paid for it, you can drop a few pennies in my hat. website: Free music...
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in case you want to see prince Henley to Westerburg, Patchara Petch-a-boon and Svinenysh Gal..., Svienysh the Ruba live and in color.
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Contemporary visual art is arguably the most exciting time in art history’s time line. The parameters in which we as artists work have exploded open to the widest range of materials, processes, and concepts ever known, blurring every pre-conceived li...
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I have a dream of creating a brand thats universal across the world. I have thought of the logo and name and I have a business plan. Although I need pledges 2 help me copyright this big idea. I want it done properly. My designs are based on english cul...