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By chavalosdegranada ( 17 Medal_bronze_2 )
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Nicaragua is the second poorest country of all of the Americas, after Haiti. Chavalos is what the street kids are called here in Granada. Unfortunately there are more than enough of chavalos around. Some are as young as 5 years old. Three years ago we ...
By @alcoholdeaths ( 1 )
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Stop Alcohol Deaths (SAD) is an organization that was created to bring awareness about the dangers of drinking excessively. When people think about alcohol deaths, they usually think it’s due to drunk driving. According to the Centers for Disease Con...
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By donating to our site, please contribute to the development of our site.
By drugabuseawareness ( 0 )
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Hello We are a small group of 4 young people working hard to raise drug awareness. Face it ! Drugs are a serious problem in this world and people die almost each and every single day. Do you have kids ? No matter where you are or how safe you think you...
By klaxon ( 0 )
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All funds raised will go towards helping a random homeless person to return to a normal life like the one you and me are leading: Clean clothes, proper food, a place to live in, a job worth speaking of. Extensive documentary will be available on YouTub...
By Teenparents50 ( 0 )
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My husband and I want to raise funds to rescue teens. We have a great desire to help and want to begin a foundation. We have a son who is currently in inpatient care, but the insurance company is trying to deny our claim, (even though he attempted su...
By kevinpmahan ( 0 )
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To purchase the anticipated iPhone 5 by August 1st I need to raise $299... you can be a part of something bigger than yourself. That's a priceless offer. We purchase the phone and I use it. It's cloud technology.
By coleman6200 ( 0 )
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Hi, I am trying to raise money to send my 11 year old son, Brandon Brooks to Wellspring. Wellspring is among the most effective treatment programs ever developed for overweight children...While Wellspring is incredibly effective in treating childhood o...
By pharstad ( 0 )
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My good friend  Nathan smokes cigarettes and is unable to get off them without help. Nicotine patches worked for me and I think they will work for him. However neither of us have enough money to buy them. Please help by donating. Thank you.
By deemeetree ( 6 )
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The humping pact is the suspended act of love towards the environment. We need your support to continue. More on
By nagg79 ( 6 )
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every year a group of my online friends meet up in baltimore to drink and enjoy each others company in person. this trip is my one and only time to get away from the hell that is my life and have a good time. sadly with my current unemployment and tigh...