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UPDATE! Pledgie Badge now reflects all donations including those previously sent before we set Pledgie up! Please share the badge on your websites, blogs, FB profiles, forums, etc. Morningland Dairy, Mountain View, MO, is under orders by the FDA and th...
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By Henwhisperer ( 3527 Award_star_gold_3 )
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The Estrella Family Creamery, a family run creamery in Montesano, Washington that produces some world-class and highly beloved cheese, had all their product seized by the FDA, essentially in an attempt to put them out of business. This site has been se...
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Touching Lives is an organization started in 2003 with vision and mission of love and humanity. The basic premise of which is that it is completely our need to serve then serving the needy and that no one is underpriviledge, destitute or poor. For us, ...
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We want to go GREEN ! Powered by wind only ! Earth will thank you ! Help us survive the 1st month ! Thnx
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Everyone in cities is surrounded by concrete and dark clouds, but you can change it! Adopt a tree! With any donation you'll earn an orange from your future tree! Donate 25 euros and you'll get 10 kg of oranges from your future tree!
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Hey! Lets make a gift to the best men in the world! he engage for so many things! he have donated so much to poor childrens and peoples everywhere! Just donate 1$ for him, if we find 1'000'000 peoples, we can reach this! together!
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Help Our Free Organization
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2041 is a project to protect Antarctica from the industry. In 2041 the Madrid contract expires and the industry can wo whatever they want to do in Antarctica. Oil drilling, whatever. Annually 2041 shows big firms the beauteousness of Antacrtica by maki...
By NathanCooper ( 4 )
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Project 30 is a solo cross Canada run to protect Canada's wild spaces. The project involves one runner running 10,000 km from Victoria, BC to St. Johns, NL to raise money for the charity, This pledgie account is to help offset the $12,0...
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Well. Being a hard-ass is a tough job. Sometimes, when not online, you get really bored... That is about all that is tough about it. Donate if you aren't a dumbass. Well, non-dumbasses don't have to, and it may help redeem dumbasses for their dumbasser...
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Every single bleeep day someone does something completely bleeep stupid, which could have been remedied by them paying just a little bit of attention to our website. [Ok.. this site doesn't allow swearing so we can't link to it. But.. look at the image...
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The people of Wisconsin will solve their own budget crisis by accepting donations online until $137 million is collected. Then the $137,000,000 will be dumped on the Governor's desk, and we can stop talking about this "budget crisis" and get back to th...
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