Haiti 2010

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memory_of_water_ha Mar 31

I tried to donate $1000 at a dilution of 4C, but then ends up being one thousandth of a cent, which Plegie won’t accept. Should I be using an even higher dilution for maximum benefit? Shaking my keyboard between every keypress didn’t seem to work either.

The Thinker Mar 29

This is immoral and 100% wrong.

Homeopathic medicines, for example, is a medieval practice of administering a substance that has a fancy sounding name but which is either water, or a sugar tablet coated in water. It adheres to the snake-oil-crackpot science from four hundred years ago. The ridiculous claims of homeopathy are:

1) Like cures like – no basis in science just made up crackpot rubbish. For example the active ingredient to cure insomnia is caffeine.

2) The more diluted the substance is the ‘stronger’ the homeopathic medicine. Let us digest that for a minute, that would be akin to claiming that a 1g paracetamol is better at pain relief than a 500g one. Retarded simply retarded. However the dilution factor for homeopathy is far lower than that example, which means basically that the substance being delivered is actually water. A good analogy for the headache in real Homeopathic medicines would be dropping a normal paracetamol in the Atlantic ocean, having a device that could stir up the ocean, then taking a droplet of sea water from anywhere in the Atlantic, then claiming that it cures a headache.

Don’t take my word for it though: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homeopathy#Medical_and_scientific_analysis_and_criticisms

Do not donate to this, this money could be used at a useful charity like Doctors Without Borders.