We Take Care of Our Land

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Dave Nazar

Nov 04, 2008

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Oct 21, 2008

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Aug 01, 2008

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Nov 04, 2007

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Sep 30, 2007


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Aug 19, 2007

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Aug 05, 2007


Aug 05, 2007

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Aug 04, 2007


Aug 04, 2007

Mark Daggett

Jul 31, 2007

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Dave Nazar Nov 04

This is a great cause.

Wendy Seltzer Aug 06

Vera’s passion for preserving natural and community resources is infectious. She’s an eloquent advocate for the recognition of these sacred spaces, and I hope we can give her the financial support to make those voices heard against the din of LNG lobbying.

jolineblais Aug 05

I met Vera four years ago, when she was torn from her arts carreer, and pulled back into her community to respond to the industrialization of sacred lands in Sipayik, her home. Since then she has helped to mount a three nation (Passamaquoddy, US & Canada) defense against this latest cultural and environmental genocide.

From her, and the women in her community, I learned about the intricate braid of place, story, culture and life that ensures survival and sustainability in the Northeast Maritimes. I brought some of my UMaine students to the community to learn more about the culture of the Passamaquoddy and the threat to the Maine Coast.

All who came into contact with the people, the land, the stories, were moved by the experience and many of us have been searching for ways to intervene in this struggle between the people & land, and the financial interests that tear them apart. We see these threats in our own communities too, and need strong networks to keep our ties to each other and to all life intact.

At our last meeting, the ConnectedKnowledge Conference (Banff 2007), we met one of the designers of Pledgie, Mark Daggett, and he suggested a networked approach to levelling the playing field. I’ve tried a number of times to send honoraria to the NN, but found myself caught in bureaucratic tangles.

Pledgie makes it easy to donate, and to display the badge of my commitments on my websites. Can’t wait to spread the word. Join us & then when you need support in your community, we’llbe there for you too!

Jon Ippolito Aug 04

Vera Francis and her team of Passamaquoddy activists have been working for the past several years to protect their pristine bay from turning into an industrial park. Representatives of the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry have deep pockets and teams of lobbyists to press their cause, while all Vera and her fellow tribal elders have is their own devotion to safeguarding their ceremonial lands.

If LNG succeeds, Passamaquoddy Bay—one of the last untouched seacoasts of the American east coast—will be occupied by sprawling LNG plant fed by huge and potentially dangerous tanker ships cruising up and down the coast.

Up to now, “We Take Care of Our Land” has been an entirely local response from Native Passamaquoddy women and others in the community who want to preserve some vestige of the natural beauty and connection to the earth that characterized life before Columbus. Now this coalition needs to take their case to the courts—and to do this, they’re going to need help from people like you and me.

I’m proud to support this cause and grateful to Pledgie for making my support possible.

Mark Daggett Jul 31

I met Vera at the Connected-Knowledge conference in Banff Canada. After learning more about the means in which these LNG speculators purposely tried to divide her community

I feel it is irresponsible for me not to do what I can to help level the discourse and aid in the protection of this Bay. This is a very worthy cause led by a very capable and thoughtful team of grass-root advocates, who want to do nothing more than just protect their home for future generations.