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Apr 14, 2011


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Apr 05, 2011

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Apr 04, 2011

Wayne FitzSimons *

Apr 03, 2011

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Jon Appleseed Sep 05

how much do i need to donate to get a pair of Nixie’s panties?

@sly1x May 18

I have to agree with Danial on all levels, but I’d rather have donations like this go towards a needy family or food for the homeless. It’s almost insulting that people would donate this much money to a spoiled girl that made the stupid mistake of leaving her high dollar camera in her car where someone could easily see it (I don’t even leave my ipod in my car). So her careless actions lead me to believe that the camera didn’t mean that much to her.

I remember being a young boy scout collecting canned foods for the homeless on a rainy day. You’d think people would donate a lot of canned food, but on that day I learned a hard lesson that people don’t give a bleeep about homeless/starving population. Instead our society is more concerned about helping a girl get a new video camera…..

Wayne FitzSimons Apr 06

I can’t believe that vitriol. Surely they are trolls. I can’t imagine any half-reasonable person would react that way.

If the trolls are interested, in recent months I have donated to the Japanese appeal, the New Zealand Appeal (Christchurch earthquake) and to the Queensland/Victorian Flood appeal. But that has absolutely no bearing on this. Paraphrasing Will Gunty This is not donation, I was helping a friend who has suffered a bit of a setback.

~ Wayne FitzSimons


Jason Ritzke Apr 06

Mr. (Or Ms.) Hawkins, you illiterate assumptive troll.

You may not be aware (since you shot your sixgun off at such light provocation) but Nixie is a member of the freelance press. That isn’t just a toy, that’s part of her livelihood that was stolen.

Furthermore, your logic of hate and classist prejudice is horribly unsound. People having expensive things does not make the theft of those things less important to society. The fact that bad things happen in other places does not invalidate the fact that a bad thing happened here. By your logic extended, the people in japan should just shut the hell up, because their losses are nothing compared to the continuing situation in Africa.

So to Daniel Hawkins (or others like him/her), please go and become a more caring, considerate human being. Because right now all you are is, to use your own words, a “heartless self-obsessed moron.”

skycentral Apr 05

@Mike Mitchell ; nuff said ,You showed ur IQ

ConnorW Apr 05

I love it how people assume she asked for donations, no she didn’t. All of her fans like me, offered to help her after this unfortunate event, so yeah. Nixie don’t listen to the dbags that are lashing out at you, your real fans are happy to help out anyway we can.

skycentral Apr 05

@dan What a jerk.You dont know a thing about dying.And you dont know a thing about charities.Nixie keep the money, get a camera, or get that window fixed, or use it for your show. Hang in there, keep up the good work.

_LoneWolf_ Apr 05

Curse you double post! shakes fist

_LoneWolf_ Apr 05

I got tired of seeing it almost at the total :P

_LoneWolf_ Apr 05

Wow.. almost there, that’s awesome! :D

Busko Apr 05

Good luck, hope it all works out!

@nuclear306 Apr 05

In the future if you’d like to hide something in your vehicle explore the rear! SUV or not there’s usually plenty of hiding places—under the trunk “floor” where the spare tire and/or tools may be hiding. Also check the panels on either side…you may find some access panels you can open to reveal handy little voids to stash stuff.

Jesper Brouer Apr 05

You are doing a great job marketing Linux, in ways I simply cannot, keep up the good work!

I’ll stick to kernel development ;-)

R??mi Charest Apr 05

Blaming desperate drugged and/ or psychologically-illed

people for not considering how much damage they are doing

is just bleep’n disgusting.

Suggesting good people aren’t drugged or desperate is as bad.

Otherwise, I would have considered donating.

“I like to think that people are generally good in this world. However, there are still some thoughtless, drugged-up or otherwise desperate people that don’t care who they hurt as long as their crime is a means to their end.

Two nights ago, I was a victim of one of these people.”

@princereynart Apr 05

Done, and I agree with @ Will Gunty – it’s less making a donation (I do plenty of that already), and more a case of “permanently loaning” money to a friend.

I feel for you, gorgeous – its a sucky thing to have happen.

Jazz Kamelski Apr 05

Donated =]. Wondering what might the small token of appreciation be?

Beerske Apr 05

Good luck Nixie! Hope you’re up and running again soon! :)

Will Gunty Apr 05

@ Daniel Hawkins and Mike Mitchell:

Break ins happen. While yes, people can say that it may not be smart to leave valuable items in a vehicle, it is not always possible to not do so. Just because of that fact, it is not right to beat down Nixie. I know her personally and have spent a bit of time with her. I know that she is not the type of person to make things up or go out of her way to “scam” people for money. I have not once ever heard her ask for money or donations or anything along those lines.

Yes, there are people on the internet, “Celebrities” or not, who would exploit the situation. These are the same type of people that share their amazon wishlists and not so subtley hint about wanting gifts.

Nixie is not this way. The videos she makes are her passion and her wellbeing. This is her true calling. Someone decided to break into her car and steal her of that. It’s not just a camera. It is a part of her lifeblood.

If you can’t support Nixie in this, then shut the hell up. I, personally, have donated to the Red Cross in Japan, cancer research and many other causes. But here, I’m not donating. I’m helping a friend do what she loves.

@KnightInUK Apr 05

@Daniel Hawkins – Japan is one of the richest countries in the world, last I checked Nixie wasn’t on Forbes’ list of the world’s richest people. Nixie also uses the camera for her livelihood, let’s keep her employed.

@Mike Mitchell – you use the security of whatever your vehicle has. Reasonably you don’t expect some idiot to smash the window. As for her revealing her location via the police reports – Hello! She has been posting that she’s been at Wondercon – The police report isn’t exactly more detailed than that.

@Nixie – Don’t let these idiots get you down. Your videos inspired me to put linux onto a machine for testing after I got disheartened with problems with older versions of ubuntu / redhat / SuSe. If I am ever fortunate enough to bump into you while in the US I owe you a coffee or drink of your choice. Linux is now my preferred OS and I am much more confident / competent as a result of your videos.

Martin Meredith Apr 05

Well said Nixie

Nixie Pixel Apr 04

Hi everyone, I did not request donations, but a number of people asked how they could help, and I thought this would be the best way. I truly appreciate everyone that offered to help, and I promise that I will get back to regular video production as soon as I get all of this squared away.

Previously when my bike was stolen my insurance dropped me from the policy so my new insurance was not yet bound when the window break in happened.

If the police recover my property or I somehow recover the loss I will return the money that has been donated. There are many worthy charities to help people that truly deserve assistance and I hope that people are using them, as I do when I am able.

My vehicle has no trunk, it is a hatchback SUV. If I had a trunk in which to lock my valuables, I would have. I also generally feel that people are good, and never expected anything like this to happen.

Again, I appreciate everyone who generously offered to help, and assume that those who do have already considered donating to causes that are far more important than my own situation…but I will not turn down the offers to assist me in replacing what I have lost, and I am incredibly thankful for such generosity.

Daniel Sabbagh Apr 04

I’ve had my car broken into before, the most insulting thing about it was the bleeep didnt steal a bleeep thing. @Daniel Hawkins, you sir are a prick!

Mike Mitchell Apr 04


Also was real (in a sarcastic way) smart to post the copy of the police report so ppl could lookup ur whereabouts via google maps. Hmmm lets see u were either at A. Slim’s B. DNA Lounge C. Butter


Nixie’s Stolen Camcorder Recovery Fund

Mike Mitchell Apr 04

Close to agreeance w/ Danial. Seriously who leaves such a thing NOT in the safety of a “LOCKED TRUNK”. AND… if u can unlock the trunk from inside the car it’s a stupid car to begin with. My car only allows u to unlock the trunk from the remote on the key. I can’t cry for you on this one. Why should ppl be asked to give money for something that could have been prevented? Put the device in the trunk (if trunk can be unlocked from the inside then don’t leave device in car!). If this has happened before WTF would u leave urself open to happen again? And… Why wouldn’t ur insurance cover it? Or maybe it did and u saw this as an opportunity to take advantage of that plus poor saps that would donate just cuz u look pretty (sometimes, certainly not recently).

Akeldema Apr 04

Daniel Hawkins I would like to request that you kindly pull your head out of your bleeep and go away, your just as much of a selfish moron as the people you accuse.

No donations were “Asked” for, We offered to help.

amilth Apr 04

@Daniel Hawkins


Daniel Treadwell Apr 04

If people would take car of their own first before worrying about any foreign issues, there wouldn’t be starving children on the streets of America. Mr. Hawkins (and I use that title loosely) you are part of this problem. Why don’t you help a homeless child in your own country first. Otherwise I’m sure Japan or any other country would be glad to have you. Oh and for the record, She didn’t ask, we offered. That is the true spirit of giving. Being willing to without being asked.

@cottenhamr Apr 04

Daniel, you my friend are a jackass. Nixie uses this for her job as well as her personal life. It is completely fair and reasonable for her to ask for help. She has a lot of fans all across the globe. Go start trouble elsewhere. Also I noticed that you didnt mention she could donate to any one of the needy organizations within our own country. Seriously, what a jackass. Glad to see that your heart is in the publicity. Go Nixie! You are the best. Daniel just go to hell.

@MyNameIsLOS Apr 04

@Daniel Hawkins – Just because you ‘care’ about Japan doesn’t give you the right to attack someone else. “A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter isn’t a nice person.” Take that to heart. I gave would I could to Japan and I will give what I can to Nixie, because she is a victim of a crime.

Daniel Hawkins Apr 04

You can go die in a hole for all I care, you selfish bitch! People are dying all over the world and all you care about is a bleeep overpriced camera. I hope you donate, the donations from the morons, you received to the Japan relief efforts and charities in Africa. You don’t deserve a penny, you heartless self obsessed moron!