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NOTE, description below is badly outdated. Between Jordan and I, RMU is getting roughly 55-65 hours of dedicated work a week now, and our students are actively helping out as well. For a more up to date view on what we're up to, see http://university...
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In the similar spirit to my "Ruby Mendicant" project ( ), I am now attempting to host a free online school for Ruby learning. I need some help with initial expenses. You can see all the details here: http://...
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NOTE: If you'd like to discuss this or ask questions, head over to: As I prepared for my GoRuCo 2009 talk, "Where is Ruby really headed?" (video), I realized this question is impossible to answer right now. B...
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***NOTE: PayPal fiasco over, thanks to Garry from Pledgie. You can now resume donations here, sorry for the delay. I am trying to raise enough money to put my commercial and personal projects on the back burner for several weeks / months, so that ...
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Please feel free to throw in a few coins or dollars to support Gregory Brown and Michael Milner's work on the Ruport Book. This money will go directly to the authors and be used to offset any expenses we have, and maybe buy a few beers in celebration o...
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Donate to this to help offset the costs of the volunteer effort to improve the documentation for the Ruby Reports project, which includes ruport, ruport-util, and acts_as_reportable. The ultimate goal of this project is to release a book on Ruport, sel...