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I am a person who loves animals and that is about the only thing you will ever see me raising money for

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Hello all I want to start getting Hermes some chiropractic adjustments at TOPS, but we could use a little help with that. We feel this may help him have a better chance at walking. Any help would be great or just sharing it helps to. So I am adding som...
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Hello my name is Saige my husband John and I our the proud pet parents of three rescue dogs Zeus,Ares, and Hermes. However, two of them have some issues. First let me tell you about Ares, he was our second rescue dog. Ares is one years old and came fro...
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I have decided to rewrite this description. So as everyone knows Soldier had his back broken at 4 weeks old younger then originally thought by his previous owner. He was left with the broken back with no treatment for a month until Hoovers Hause All Do...