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This summer, from June 30-July 15th, I've been given the opportunity to join a team from my church (ROCKHarbor) to visit northern Uganda. We’ll be working to encourage and aid the people there through partnering with Gulu Community Bible Community C...
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I'm returning to CTI Music Ministries this summer to help with the training of teams traveling to Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mozambique, Honduras and Guatemala. I'm also again in August volunteering with Teen Leadership Foundation to put on a summer...
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Three weekends this summer I'm participating in Teen Leadership Camp, an event to offer life-changing paths, build hope, friendship and memories for abused and at-risk foster teens. I’m setting a goal of raising $400, which covers the cost of one kid...
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Aug 8-10, I'm volunteering for an organization called Teen Leadership Camp, to take 40 kids who are in the care of the Social Services Foster Care System to camp for a weekend. The goal is to offer life-changing paths, build hope, friendship and memori...
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