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Located in Whiteville, NC in a high kill shelter, darling Moriah is heartworm positive :( She has a rescue who wants to save her but they cannot do so unless we raise the funds necessary to cover the cost of her heartworm treatment. This beautiful ange...
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This darling boy was surrendered to a kill shelter because he was "peeing too much". It turns out he had kidney stones and is now peeing nothing but blood because of a stone stuck in a very bad place :(This boy needs immediate surgery. Please pitch in ...
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CRITICAL: We are reposting this because we now have fewer than 12 hours left to raise funds for Heather :( * Heartworm Positive Heather needs to raise $$$ by Monday ! * Hi ! My name is Heather and I really need your help. I was originally f...
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++++++ UPDATE: Hi! It's me, Coco :-) Guess what I did today? I got neutered-woo hoo !!! Yep-that's right-I'm psyched because that means I am one step closer to going to my forever home AND I am doing my part to prevent overpopulation of darling pitties...
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* UPDATE: We have good news and bad news. The VERY good news is that the vet was able to save Fiona without surgery. The blockage passed FINALLY but only after Fiona spent several days in the hospital, hooked up to an IV with constant monitoring. That ...
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Abandoned in Latta, SC: this darling was neglected (horribly) and abandoned. Fortunately, he was found by a good Samaritan who took him in for a few days. She could not keep him though-she has seven dogs of her own-works and goes to school. She simply ...
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UPDATE (September 17th): Hi <3 My name is Kato. I am a pit bull. A few months ago I was brought to Columbus County Animal Control in Whiteville, NC with severe injuries to my femur and hips. Because southern shelters are overflowing with pitties like m...
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Coco is a beautiful pittie boy who narrowly escaped becoming a bait dog in Jersey City, NJ-yes-dog fighting rings are everywhere :( Now this gorgeous boy faces another crisis-he will be on his way to the shelter unless we can get him to a vet immediate...
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There was no time to worry about raising money BEFORE we made sure we got Pluto the emergency medical treatment he needed.The vet agreed to perform the necessary surgery on Pluto because we promised him we would raise the money to pay his bill. Otherwi...
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A good Samaritan in Pittsburgh PA found two feral kitties, both of whom were pregnant and in rough shape. She could not let the babies live on the streets and she did not want their mommas (and them) to have more babies so she took them in. The mommas ...
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A critical component of rescuing pups is helping make sure they are-or become-adoptable <3 And that means providing pups with the medical assistance they need-especially SPAYING and NEUTERING them along with making sure they are up-to-date on their sho...
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"Buck" was a stray dog who lived in an abandon furniture factory in Marion, NC. "Buck" was fed every day by an elderly woman who lived across the street from the factory. For 3 years the woman fed the dog until he came to the attention of some people...